Free Range Fried Chicken: Bird!

We think it’s pretty obvious now that we love chicken wings … especially when they are dripping in sauce. Bird Restaurant in Shoreditch does exactly that, along with the original waffle burgers, sides, a selection of glazes and sauces for your wings and even salads. It is known to be one of the best restaurants to get your fix of chicken so we definitely needed to try it out.

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Imli Street!

Indian cuisine is one of the most consumed cuisines in London as it is a vastly spread across the city. It is known to be the to-go meal, if you’re craving a delicious spicy and rich meal. Imli Street is a modern indian restaurant placed in the heart of Soho, London. It caught our eye as we walked around and we were both eager to try out the menu.


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London is known to have a very wide range of lovely restaurants that are continuously raising the bar of fine dining. We spent several hours going through the ‘Top 100 restaurants’ in London and we decided to try out Dabbous. This one star Michelin serves modern european cuisine and amazing cocktails.

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We decided to try out the chain of Vietnamese around London, Pho ! If you are in need of a chilli kick and want to try something healthy and fresh on a day out around Soho than Pho is the place to be. The authentic Vietnamese flavours combined with the modern day interior make you feel welcomed and the atmosphere gives the slight impression of being in a small vietnamese house.


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Duck and Rice


We’d been considering trying out The Duck and Rice for a while now. We finally got the push we needed, when, last week they started following us on Instagram. On Sunday we finally decided to go and see what they had to offer. Although there are a few things that could be changed, we both agreed that we would definitely recommend it as you will not be disappointed.

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