Imli Street!

Indian cuisine is one of the most consumed cuisines in London as it is a vastly spread across the city. It is known to be the to-go meal, if you’re craving a delicious spicy and rich meal. Imli Street is a modern indian restaurant placed in the heart of Soho, London. It caught our eye as we walked around and we were both eager to try out the menu.


We are really fond of Indian cuisine, especially curries as we both come from a Sri Lankan/Indian background. The menu had a range of dishes from vegetarian, to beef, to samosas, everything you’d usually find. We opted for the Thali Menu, as it had a nice variety and a special ‘ Buy one, Get one free’ offer! Winning situation for us!

We got there rather late and it was more of a late lunch for us, but the service was still perfect and the place very quiet … we were probably the only ones there haha! The picture above was the Lamb Thali, it came with a lamb Rogan josh, a potato and pea curry, lentils, rice, salad and a little yoghurt dip.

Second Thali we got was the Chicken Tikka Masala, served with the same sides as the lamb. Both curries were freshly prepared and cooked perfectly. The meats were tender and the curries had the perfect spicy kick to them. There was plenty of food, as the portion were very generous. Unlike some indian restaurants, the food wasn’t too oily, and really had an authentic taste to it.


We also enjoyed a Passion fruit and lime iced tea, which was refreshing and really went well with the food.


The interior is very modern with wide window there’s lots of light which is something we enjoy. The bar in the centre makes it very welcoming and is always nice to watch over as cocktails are made. It’s also what made us want to try it! The downstairs area is also very cosy and can sit quite a few people .. perfect for a party.

We just couldn’t stop at the thalis so we decided to share some deserts as they all sounded delicious and got our mouths watering. We opted for an apple crumble and rice pudding.

As shown above, the deserts came very well presented, and stayed in the theme of modern cuisine. Only positive points for this restaurant so far!

The rice pudding, was served with a chocolate caramel and golden vermicelli. This was Nats favourite desert as it was creamy and all the elements just had such a delicious flavour.

This spiced apple crumble was very unique as it was cooked in a tadoor and had a beautiful taste of ginger to it. Perfectly warm, we poured the cream anglaise over the crispy muesli and it was such a delight.

We were so glad we gave Imli Street a try, we had finally found a modern indian, with authentic flavours and a menu that wasn’t over priced. We gave it a try a couple of times after that and we fully recommend the samosas, you’ll be in for a treat 🙂 ! We were never disappointed, so if you are around the corner and want a fancy indian night  out, Imli Street is the place to be.


N & L


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