London is known to have a very wide range of lovely restaurants that are continuously raising the bar of fine dining. We spent several hours going through the ‘Top 100 restaurants’ in London and we decided to try out Dabbous. This one star Michelin serves modern european cuisine and amazing cocktails.


We got a little carried away and forgot to take a picture of the menu (forgive us we were too excited for food)!  However here is a picture of the ‘A La Carte‘ menu which has all our dishes and more!


Before we got into the food business, Liz decided to try a cocktail ‘House Vodka, Lime & Soda‘ that she enjoyed with some olives. The waitress described it as ‘summer in a glass’ and it was exactly that! Because we wanted to try as many dishes as possible, Liz got the Tasting Menu and Nat got the set lunch menu and although some of the dishes were similar, we got to enjoy a wider range of food. We had heard a lot about this restaurant and we had high expectations so let’s get down to the food now!


We started off with the freshly baked ‘Homemade seeded sourdough bread and freshly whipped salted butter’. The bread came in a brown bag which was an unique idea that we had never seen before. A nice touch that we definitely appreciated. 


We continued with the ‘Fennel with lemon balm & Olive oil‘ that was found on the testing menu. This first official dish was a great start. The presentation was simple, yet effective. The aioli, and all other flavours combined beautifully, and our taste buds were greatly satisfied already. We also really enjoyed dipping our bread in that deliciously flavoured oil.


Next, both lunch and tasting menu offered the ‘Ceasar mushroom shavings with lesser calamint, pine nuts and bitter leaves.‘ The salad was fresh and seasoned to perfection. As expected the lesser calamint and bitter leaves added a powerful taste, without overpowering the fresh mushrooms and pine nuts. This was a gorgeous salad for such a beautiful day.


We continued with a simple yet delicious ‘Ripe tomato on toast‘. All flavours came together perfectly, and the basil leaf was the extra touch needed to complete this dish. You simply cannot go wrong with this. We loved it!



So far we were really satisfied with everything and it only kept getting better. Next on the tasting menu was ‘Cornish squid with butterhead lettuce & clover‘. Like everything else, all the produce was extremely fresh and melted in your mouth.


Now moving to our personal favourites and the winners of the day! Firstly the ‘Barbecued Iberico pork, savoury acorn praline & crushed green apple.’ The presentation was very simple but modern day fine dining, exactly what we came for and expected. The green apple had a sharp taste that combined so beautifully with the crushed praline. The differences in textures and flavours was incredible. We give both our thumbs up for this!


Second favourite now ‘Grilled quail with pistachio & orange blossom‘ was a brilliant combination. The quail was cooked beautifully and still kept all it’s flavour. The nuts seemed to me a reoccurring element in the dishes so far, always bringing an extra crunch and flavour, we fully approve.

Getting into the sweet stuff now with this ‘pre-dessert called ‘Iced Lovage‘. The taste took us a little by surprise as it isn’t what you’d usually expect. Still it was refreshing and tasty, and you quickly adjust to this flavour. We both loved it and we were glad we each got our own bowl.



Again for the desserts came something usual as we were both given a glass of milk to enjoy as we indulge our cakes. First is the ‘Milk pie infused with fig leaves‘, Nat who doesn’t like figs was pleasantly surprised by this, as it was simply delicious.


Finally, the ‘Wild blueberry & apple cake, chilled rice milk with Tahitian vanilla‘. The presentation was very cute and Liz enjoyed the excitement of unwrapping it. It was honestly the perfect way to finish our meals.

Annnnnd for the cherry on top … literally, we were surprised with little ‘Canelés‘.

In conclusion, we only have positive things to say about Dabbous. The staff were extremely kind and willing to help us with the menu. Although it is slightly expensive, it is well worth your money and perfect if you want a special day out. We were happy we went for two different menus as we got to taste more food. Don’t forget to book in advance as it does get busy, for more information check their website here.


N & L.


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