Seafood Pasta!

This recipe is a pure delight, we combined the freshness of the seafood and pasta with the local white wine and some fresh chillies, we recommend you try it out ! We both love the italian cuisine and you just can’t go wrong with seafood pasta, or any pasta really. This recipe really focuses on produce from the sea and how delicious it taste, even to people who are not fond of seafood.


Ingredients needed (for 2 hungry people like us):

  • 6 prawns
  • Handful of clams
  • 1 Medium sized Squid
  • 250ml White Wine .. or more for yourself, responsibly of course 😉
  • 2-3 Garlic Cloves
  • Handful of Coriander
  • 1 Chilli
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 125mL of Vegetable Stock
  • 500g of Squid ink pasta
  • Oil
  • Salt

Our number one rule to start any recipe is always mise en place, making sure everything is ready before the process of cooking ! It just makes things easier and there’s much less stress for you.


Firstly roughly chopped up the garlic, it brings a lovely aroma to the sauce and blends perfectly with seafood.


Next up slice the red onion, it gives a nice sweetness and adds colour to the dish.. Always leave onions in the fridge so that you can slice them easily and also not cry while you do that !


Last but not least is slicing the chillies and setting everything aside. You can chop up half of the coriander too as you’ll be needing it later on.


Now to the seafood part of the preparation! For health reasons and also because it plays on the taste of the food we need to make sure the seafood, especially the prawns are perfectly cleaned. For this dish, we descale the prawns and gut them as shown above. Of course if that’s too much work you can ask your fishmonger to do it, just rinse them out again when you get home.



Wash the clams, squid and prawns one last time. Slice the squid into rings or even thin pieces before use. You’re ready to start the cooking now!


The ‘hardest’ part is done, you now just need to combine these elements perfectly to form you’re delicious and healthy dish. Start with heating up your pan with a bit of oil.


Add your finely chopped garlic, until golden brown. Keep an eye on it tho, you don’t want it to burn.


Add the clams and squid to the garlic and leave to heat up and cook for a bit.


Now add the wine, cook out for two minutes then add in the stock. Bring up to boil then simmer. Once the clams start to open, you can remove them from the pan and set aside. If the clams are persistent and don’t open up you can put them in boiling water or try opening them with a knife. Just make sure they are cooked!


Add chillies and prawns and cook further for approximately two minutes or until prawns are orange. You don’t want to overcook them as they will lose in flavour.


Add onions and coriander, simmer for four minutes, you want your onions to stay slightly crunchy.

While that simmers away, boil your water for your pasta and have that on the go, ready to use!


Place calms back in so they can reheat and finish cooking. Meanwhile add your fresh pasta to your boiling water and you’re five minutes away from sitting down and eating your incredible white wine and seafood pasta.


As seen above, we bought squid ink pasta freshly made from borough markets. The taste is amazing and really different from what you buy in supermarkets so if you can definitely try fresh pasta.


Once your pasta is cooked you are ready to serve. Serve the seafood on the bed of pasta and if you have some wine left serve yourself a glass… you deserve it! We created sea-refic pasta, Bon appétit!

Hope you enjoyed our pasta recipe and as always leave us some feedback


N & L


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