We decided to try out the chain of Vietnamese around London, Pho ! If you are in need of a chilli kick and want to try something healthy and fresh on a day out around Soho than Pho is the place to be. The authentic Vietnamese flavours combined with the modern day interior make you feel welcomed and the atmosphere gives the slight impression of being in a small vietnamese house.


The menu has a good variety of appetisers, from soups to spring rolls and even a traditional ‘crepe’ and mushroom speciality. The menu truly does have much to offer. We didn’t think that the plates would be this big for starters (as you will see below) and we were pleasantly surprised by the portions.


We started off with pork homemade spring rolls with sweet chilli and peanut sauce (we can never seem to decide what sauce we want so always go for both!) Perfect to start off a late lunch, the portion of these rolls were good enough for 3 people…depending how hungry you are! 

These spring rolls were honestly delicious and packed with meat, not just vegetables. Perfectly cooked and still crunchy it was a beautiful way to start our meal!


Nat decided to go for a typical Pho, beef noodle soup, which had a bonus of having another delicious spring roll! The broth was very tasty and all the flavours combined beautifully. The chilli wasn’t overpowering at all and I even added a little extra. Whether it’s summer or winter this dish is perfect!


Liz got the Pho Xao, which had amazing flavours and dressed with the sweet chilli sauce that can be poured to your liking. The crunchiness of the greens and the nut garnish was just what you want in a dish. Everything was very fresh and the noodles were cooked to perfection. The portions are very generous and we both struggled to finish… Makes it really worth your money!


We were sat in the corner of the restaurant as you enter, it was a great spot with lots of light to enjoy the sunny day! We loved the interior and they had great music playing the entire time we were there… definitely a plus! If you’re in the neighbourhood make sure you try it out, otherwise be sure to check their website and we’re sure you’ll find one close to you 🙂

Hope you enjoyed our review on Pho and let us know if you go!


N & L


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