For The Love Of Chicken: Clockjack !

To all the chicken lovers in the world we highly recommend this place ! It’s our new ‘go to’ restaurant now if we are looking for some delicious and tasty chicken. If you are around Soho – 100000% go try this place out. Yes, it’s that good!



We were welcomed by a lovely waitress who explained some of the daily specials, including some freshly made salads. It made us feel very welcomed and put us at ease straight away, it was a great vibe. The restaurant has a beautiful rotisserie area for the perfectly marinated chicken, to crisp up slowly. A great experience to watch and enjoy!

There was a wide range of salads you can try from, but we didn’t get round tasting them. Maybe next time?  The menu was simple and easy to understand and its written all over the restaurant so it’s always helpful. The main restaurant wall is also covered in p-unny chicken quotes, great entertainment that will definitely make you giggle!


To start off we decide to share some chicken wings. There is a wide range of sauces to coat them with and we picked spicy. They were incredible! The skin was crispy and drenched in sauce, which made the chicken tasty right to the last bite. & if you are scared of getting messy, fear not! They serve some wipes so you can clean up after you’ve smashed all those wings! 


As we mentioned, the menu is very straight forward, but still offers a large selection of food. You can pick from a whole chicken, to smaller portions, as well as burgers and sides. We both got simple burgers as you can’t ever go wrong with a burger. Nat enjoyed the ‘Gourmet Fried Chicken Burger’, which she thought was delicious. The chicken wasn’t dry at all and had the perfect amount of sauce.

Liz had the ‘Pulled BBQ Chicken’ which again was very tasty, lots of flavours and beautifully cooked chicken. We both were very happy with what we ordered, and we shared a side of sweet potatoes fries!

We will most definitely be returning to this place, to enjoy the delicious wings but also to explore the menu future. Who knows, one day we might even try the salads haha! The succulent chicken, all the sauces from sweet to spicy, polite and efficient service and amazing interior, just the place to be to enjoy a lovely meal.


Now don’t chicken out and go give this place a try!  You’re in for a treat, we promise! Don’t forget to let us know what’s your favourite. We hope you’ve enjoyed this review and we’ll be back with more soon 🙂


N & L

P.S: We’ve already made a trip to this place twice this week!


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