Coffee & Cake !

A couple of hours after Flatplanet (see previous review)  we decided we’d get a little snack to go with our coffee, something sweet to end the day perfectly. This place is exceptional (seriously!) untitled-0749 As we were around Carnaby Street, we decided to head to Department of Coffee (and Social Affairs). I had already been before and really enjoyed my coffee and croissant so decide to head back there again so that Liz could give it a try. untitled-0735 Liz was clearly super excited with her chocolate fudge cake and it was definitely worth the excitement. It was exactly what we were looking for and even though we like our food a lot, we were glad we shared it. untitled-0747 When you think ‘It can’t get better than food and coffee’ well… it can! This little coffee shop provides you with a great place to have a one to one meeting, or just to get some work done. The atmosphere is relaxing and we went at a time that wasn’t busy at all. untitled-0737 But here at Department of Coffee they do more than just serve coffee. They also do humanitarian work in the UK and abroad which is also wonderful to know! The ‘Thirsty Planet’ water they sell provides clean water in some countries in Africa. You stay hydrated and contribute to helping others! They also have recruits in Cape Town and handyman work in London. For more information check out their website. untitled-0743 As for the cake it was rich in flavour and moist in the centre, just the way we like it! Definitely try it 🙂 untitled-0749 untitled-0752 Conclusion is, we’re pretty sure these guys will never disappoint. Pastries and cakes are always fresh and there’s always a range of sandwiches and savoury delights if you’re not too much of a sweet tooth.  Staff is welcoming, coffee is great, food is delicious. We can’t recommend it enough! untitled-0754-2 We hope you’ve enjoyed this review and we’ll be keeping you up to date with our next adventures very soon, Love, N & L


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