FlatPlanet !

What’s better than a fresh pizza in summer? Well not much! FlatPlanet has exactly that so it’s definitely a place you want to be trying soon.


FlatPlanet is located in the heart of London, 3 minutes away from Oxford Circus. This small restaurant is exactly what you want on a hot summers day for a light meal. The lunch menu is composed of salads, ‘pizzas’ and some sides ranging from simple salad to mezze’s.

We were quite hungry and wanted to give everything a little try. The ‘pizzas’ are essentially a flatbread served with mouthwatering toppings and there’s lots of vegetarian optionsย too (not that it really matters to us, but you know) !


As well as food, they serve a large selection of hot drinks, teas, juices and beers. The tangy lemonade was perfect for a hot day, and beautifully refreshing our bodies.



‘El Diablo’ the pizza we went for was topped with chorizo, rocket, parmegiano, garlic yoghurt and had a sundried tomato base. It was rich in flavours and had a perfect spicy kick to it ๐Ÿ˜‰



The plate of mezze, was absolutely incredible, the toasted rosemary bread was a perfect accompaniment to houmous, a minty yoghurt dip and fresh olives.


The salad was served with the dressing to the side, which meant that we were able to season to taste. There was a good balance in the elements of the dish, unlike other restaurants, there was plenty of chicken not just green leafs.


Flatplanet is very successful, especially at lunchtime, therefore when we arrived it was rather busy. Just make friends with your neighbours, always fun!


The interior is one of those alternative and edgy places which is a nice chill out zone for you and friend/s to come along. There’s a piano too if you ever want to entertain everyone ๐Ÿ™‚



If you are in a rush and don’t have time to enjoy this little restaurant but really want to give the food a try, you can always order online, select a pick up time and it’s really that simple! No excuses now to try these delicious pizzas. For more information you can visit their website.


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