Duck and Rice


We’d been considering trying out The Duck and Rice for a while now. We finally got the push we needed, when, last week they started following us on Instagram. On Sunday we finally decided to go and see what they had to offer. Although there are a few things that could be changed, we both agreed that we would definitely recommend it as you will not be disappointed.

The Duck and Rice, is a pub as well as a restaurant that is located only a few minutes away from Soho, on Berwick Street. Upon arrival, there was nobody to greet the customer, so we hovered around a little confused, before taking the initiative of going up and discovering the restaurant area.


Reservations are recommended especially on week-ends or when in a large group, however we had no problem getting a table and were sat straight away. The restaurant is spacious and well lit, with a blue ceiling and wall pattern which brings out the Chinese theme. It is a mixture of a modern pub and a classic Chinese restaurant, both perfectly balanced.



Both the food menu and drinks menu were extensive and theres no way you’d run out of options. As it was our first time and we weren’t too sure what to get, we got some assistance from a waiter. We asked for the most popular dish and got a few suggestions like the ‘Shredded pork crispy noodle, Jasmine smoked pork rib, Bavette steak with ginger & spring onion, both house duck and crispy duck are a huge hit and the Malaysian chicken curry.’


The Chef behind The Duck and Rice is no other but Alan Yau, creator of Wagamama and Hakkasan, that pretty much guarantees the high quality food. We spent a few minutes trying to figure out which one we’d go for as it was all very appealing.


Anyway, back to the food, we ordered the crispy duck spring roll and the Pan-fried pork and Chinese leaves gyoza as a starter. They recommend 4 to 5 starters and then 3 mains, but I’m guessing that is if you are really realllyyyyyy hungry! We went for two starters and two mains and that was plenty already. The spring rolls were basically a fried version of the normal crispy duck which was a good alternative and still remained delicious.


The gyoza, which was one of the recommendations, was also very tasty and was filled with juices that added to the flavour. For drinks, we weren’t too keen on cocktails or wine and the Pilsner was recommended as being fresh and perfect for summer so we opted for that. We weren’t disappointed.


As a main we shared the Jasmine infused ribs and the Malaysian Curry served with rice. The ribs were tender and the meat fell of the bone. That knife was definitely not needed! However, the jasmine flavour wasn’t that noticeable and Liz did end up finding it a little too sweet.


The portion of curry was more than enough for one person and both the chicken and potatoes were cut in large sizes. The curry was a little bit spicy, but not in an overpowering way.


Just look at those ribs one last time because they were delicious and if you like a good rack of ribs than this is definitely a must! By the time we got to the dessert menu we were both really full so didn’t venture down that menu, but we will definitely give it a try next time round. If you have been to The Duck and Rice before, feel free to suggest your favourite desserts to us!


In conclusion, strong positive points include the delicious food, restaurant ambiance and decor and the very helpful staff.The restaurant and pub are both a little pricy, which is expected for the quality of food served and still well worth your money.

We hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful! Hopefully, it’s made you want to give this place a try! We’ll be trying out new places very soon and also reviewing our favourite restaurants. If you have any suggestions please let us know!


N & L


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